Indiana Professor Eric Rasmusen Will Defend Job After Sexist Tweets Went Viral

Indiana Professor Eric Rasmusen Will Defend Job After Sexist Tweets Went Viral

An Indiana College professor is defending himself after officials announced he can also no longer be fired from his job despite posting disparaging comments about women, americans of shade, and gay males on social media.

Eric Rasmusen is a professor at Indiana College’s Kelley College of Commerce. He currently got right here below public scrutiny after the in vogue Twitter account @SheRatesDogs, which has nearly half a million followers, posted a tweet by him.

Following that up, the account shared one other tweet by him that disparaged women.

After the tweets went viral, college officials answered by condemning Rasmusen’s comments. The provost of the business college, Lauren Robel, called his social media posts “racist, sexist and homophobic” in a commentary.

In the commentary, which became also despatched to students, Robel described Rasmusen’s posts as “slurs towards women.” She said Rasmusen has also written that gay males “are promiscuous and unable to handbook certain of abusing students” and that shaded students are “in most cases unfriendly academically to white students.” In a separate commentary, the dean of the business college, Idalene Kesner, called Rasmusen’s views “abhorrent.”

Despite this, Rasmusen will likely be conserving his job.

“We are in a position to’t, nor would we, fireplace Professor Rasmusen for his posts as a non-public citizen, as vile and slow as they are, since the First Amendment of the US Structure forbids us to create so,” Robel said.

She added that if Rasmusen had expressed his bias at school, it will likely be unlawful and they’d investigate it. Robel said that no student will likely be compelled to scheme close his class and they’d implement a double-blind grading machine.

Rasmusen has doubled down in a response on his web spot, claiming he has been attacked by the “woke crowd” and that college officials “overreacted.”

He went on to claim he doesn’t mediate the discover “slut” is a slur towards women, that he’s no longer opposed to women in academia because every his vital other and daughter are in the self-discipline, and that “academia is a vocation extra acceptable with motherhood than most jobs.” He also said that he believes gay males have to never say “high college or grade college” and that “sodomy is a sin.”

Rasmusen also published letters on his web spot that are supposedly from supporters. “Attain no longer let the belief police shut you down. The left-flit media consistently tries to skew the reality. Defend stopping the fight for crucial pondering!” one said.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Rasmusen and Indiana College for teach.

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