17 Things That No doubt Came about On “Riverdale” This Week

17 Things That No doubt Came about On “Riverdale” This Week


After an episode where Archie’s superhero costume became as soon as explicitly talked about and designed by Katy Keene (extensive identify of Katy Keene airing on The CW in 2020), Archie decides to system victims customarily dressed as the Dim Hood, as if that’s a lustrous thought.


In staunch Archie fashion, he manages to secure pepper-sprayed at some level of his first foray into vigilantism. I fully adore this for us.


Betty, who basically is over the final thing where Kevin tried to secure her LOBOTOMIZED (water beneath the bridge!) decides or now not it is an very perfect thought to invite her friend who’s novel out of an organ-harvesting cult to trace up for the FBI’s high college program with her.


No doubt now not even going to secure into the final “FBI high college program” thing.


Happily the metropolis licensed legitimate, Mary Andrews, is help. In crime metropolis, there are 150,000 criminals and one (1) licensed legitimate.


Add Tucci (Gucci) to the pantheon of immense Riverdale “producers” delight in Bean and Beluga, The Matchelorette, and American Extra.


Unique off of lights a serial killer on fire, Veronica is specializing in her fogeys and her homework. Something’s now not simply right here!


Hiram basically needs to secure out of detention heart, even supposing he proved a pair of weeks ago that he can actually secure out of detention heart at any time when he needs. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Furthermore, Veronica commits now not less than three crimes this episode, alongside with bribing the Governor AGAIN. She’s a pass person. Sorry, but staunch.


While there became as soon as no corpse Jason this week, there became as soon as something nearly as tragic: Unhappy Pop Tate.


When Pop Tate is unhappy, I’M SAD.


At FBI club, Betty customarily takes a BuzzFeed quiz called “Which One Of These Creeps Is A Serial Killer?” which reconfirms to her that she does, basically, bask in the SERIAL KILLER GENES.



ANYWAY, transferring on. The staunch extensive identify of this episode is unhappy Caramel the cat. This relate has confirmed quite quite a bit of fucked up shit over the years, but by some ability exhibiting teeny Betty Cooper with this rock managed to horrify me to my core.


Kevin DID fully create up for the lobotomy thing by convincing Betty she’s undoubtedly now not a cat assassin. ~ Friendship ~.


Me, when somebody asks my favourite form of M&Ms:


Sorry, I accurate had to.


We meet Hiram’s diversified daughter, Hermosa. The Accommodations bask in done for “H” names what the Kardashians did for “Okay” names.


Veronica furthermore learns a keen lesson that you mustn’t search the advice of with federal prosecutors about extortion in public locations. I, individually, can’t talk shit about my mates despite the actual fact that I am in a Starbucks within the center of Kentucky, without needing a undercover agent round to create certain they’re now not there first.


I am now not being facetious when I yell I don’t bask in any thought what’s occurring with Archie and the young folks and the fitness heart and “Dodger”. I undoubtedly don’t bask in any thought what’s occurring. I will be able to’t apply it. I keep now not need the Vigilante genes. All I know is that Archie held a press convention for some cause????


World’s dumbest press convention. I became as soon as overjoyed to undercover agent Alice help in staunch reporter secure, though.


Furthermore, I am in unhappy health of Jughead being at Stonewall Prep. His total space this week eager the Baxter Brothers book series (aka Hardy Boys) — a entirely existence-defining thing about him and his personality that we’re ideal learning about NOW — and learning that his grandfather became as soon as an creator.


This regarded to be setting up many of the long slip episodes but when I need to win searching at Brett Weston Wallace’s dull, hot, unfriendly face, I am gonna snap.


Betty, who’s in actuality smarter than any adult on this relate, immediate comes to adore her brother Charles is sketchy as hell and now she’s going to defend him down. God bless Elizabeth Cooper.


She furthermore learns Charles has the GENES, which is puzzling since he is now not even biologically connected to Hal, the staunch serial killer of the fam.


In the second press convention of the episode, Hiram will get out of detention heart and publicizes he is running for mayor of Riverdale.


Holy hell, I’ve never seen so worthy take care of the mayoral slip of a tiny metropolis in my existence. On that relate, who’s even the mayor of Riverdale simply now???


Oh, certain, and naturally the episode ends with the flash-forward over again, with Veronica, Archie, and Betty getting arrested for JUGHEAD’S MURDER.


This comes simply after Jughead is assigned a “ideal execute” writing yell at college, so I am moving to bet right here’s all an justify ruse crafted by our technology’s finest literary thoughts, Jughead Jones aka Forsythe, the third.


My forever Riverdale mood:



Let me preface this by asserting this relate has broken my brain, due to no matter weeks of mocking Cheryl and her obsession with corpse Jason, I discovered myself inexplicably yearning for scenes with them. Thankfully it appears to be delight in we’re getting PLENTY of it next week:


Perhaps I bask in the MAOA serial killer genes? But by some ability, the Serial Killer Genes episode regarded to bask in less occurring than the final two episodes. Perhaps the Riverdale I basically crave is one with rockets and Jingle Jangle and corpses. How is JJ doing, though? What’s he sporting? What does his hair undercover agent delight in? Serve me.

And that’s all I’ve got! Peep you next week!

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