17 Innocent Rom-Com Moments That Are Surely Procedure Steamier Than Any Sex Scene

17 Innocent Rom-Com Moments That Are Surely Procedure Steamier Than Any Sex Scene


In To All The Boys I’ve Loved Earlier than, when Peter Okay. build his hand in Lara Jean’s support pocket and then spun her around.



In Bring It On, when Cliff and Torrance are brushing their teeth and trying no longer to leer at every other.

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In Ravishing Woman, when Edward presents Vivian with THE necklace and then jokingly closes the sphere onto her palms.

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Moreover in Ravishing Woman, when Edward reads to Vivian in the park.

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In 13 Going On 30, when Matty tenderly caresses Jenna’s head whereas they’re dancing for the Poise photoshoot.

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In The Wedding Date, when Sever presses Kat up against the auto and whispers sweet affirmations to her.


In Because I Acknowledged So, when Johnny attracts a coronary heart on Milly’s hand to have faith her feel better after their enthusiasts’s tiff.


In Mates With Advantages, when Dylan reiterates how famous he likes Jamie’s eyes.

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In Sound asleep With Different Of us, when Jake calls Lainey “toddler” without .


Moreover in Sound asleep With Different Of us, when Jake comforts Lainey — and, moreover, himself — after they both tag they’re in fancy every diversified nevertheless cannot be together.

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In The Holiday, when Miles eliminates the eyelash from Iris’s face.

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In Two Evening Stand, when Alec can no longer support nevertheless leer Megan dance, though she warns him no longer to.


In The Breakfast Membership, when Claire affords Bender her earring and then he puts it in his ear.


In Love & Basketball, when Q and Monica play one-on-one.

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In Imagine Me & You, when Luce and Rachel share a moment at the punch bowl whereas they’re shopping for Rachel’s marriage ceremony ring.

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In Clueless, when Josh teases Cher about her hair whereas they’re serving to with Mel’s case.


In the end, in The Princess Bride whenever Westley says this:

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What are some of you current non-sexual moments from rom-coms? Allow us to know in the comments below!

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